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The Language Enabled Airman Program (LEAP) is designed and managed by the Air Force Culture and Language Center (AFCLC) to sustain, enhance and utilize the existing language skills and talents of Airmen. The goal of LEAP is to develop a core group of general-purpose force (GPF) Airmen across specialties and careers possessing the capability to communicate in one or more foreign languages. To become a participant in LEAP, Airmen must already have moderate to high levels of proficiency in a foreign language specified on the Air Force Strategic Language List (SLL), as measured by Defense Language Proficiency Tests (DLPTs) or Oral Proficiency Interviews (OPIs). The SLL is managed by the Air Force's Language, Regional Expertise and Culture Program Office (AF/A1D-LREC) at the Pentagon. Interested Airmen should contact their local Test Control Officer to check if their language is on the Air Force SLL. TCOs are usually located with the local Education Office. For more information on the SLL or on language proficiency testing, see the AF/A1D-LREC A1D-LREC information here. If you have any questions, please review the information below or review the Frequently Asked Questions document.

Firm dates for the 2015 application and selection cycle have not yet been announced. More detailed information is expected sometime this summer.

LEAP Selection Boards
Typically, LEAP Selection Boards focus on either active duty enlisted applicants or active duty officer and officer candidate applicants. A current DLPT or OPI score is mandatory for LEAP application. All LEAP Selection Board schedules are subject to change.
Note: All future boards are contingent upon Air Staff program needs and directives.

Future LEAP Selection Board
The LEAP office is not accepting applications at this time. Please check back periodically as application and board notifications will be posted here.

AD Enlisted AD Officer Officer Candidate
Rank / TIS SrA and higher 48 months (TIS) Complete 5-Skill Level Not within 2 years HYT 2d Lt through Lt Col Senior students with a commissioning date scheduled in current academic year
Career All GPF (except 1N3 and 1A8) All GPF All GPF
Required Application Documents Nominee Comments, DLPT/OPI Score Report, Performance Reports, Academic Transcripts, SURF, Endorsement Nominee Comments, DLPT/OPI Score Report, Performance Reports, Academic Transcripts, SURF, Endorsement

Nominee Comments, DLPT/OPI Score Report, Academic Transcripts, Endorsement

Cadet SrA - TSgt or 2d Lt - Maj MSgt, SMSgt or Lt Col
Prevalent in the Force (PIF) 1+/1+ 2/2 3/3
Enhancement or Sustainment 0+/0+ 1/1 2/2

Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions
For more information not addressed in the FAQ, please contact AFCLC Language Division.

Intro to Culture (ITC) class, Spring enrollment dates are Mar. 3-16, 2015, and class dates are Mar. 26, 2015 - Jul. 1, 2015. Click here for more info.

Introduction to Culture (ITC) Spring Enrollment Window will be Mar. 3, 2015 - Mar. 16, 2015. For more information on AFCLC - CCAF classes, click here.
Introduction to Cross-Cultural Communication (CCC) Summer Enrollment Window will be Apr. 7, 2015 - Apr. 20, 2015. For more information on AFCLC - CCAF classes, click here
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2014 LEAP Selection Process is complete. If you would like to participate in LEAP in the future, please review this page for more information.
LEAP participants provide language support to real-world Air Force mission in Djibouti. Read more.
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