Our Story

The Air Force Culture and Language Center was founded at Air University in April 2006, embracing the Air Force Chief of Staff's intention to improve Airmen's cross-cultural competence. In April 2007, the Air Force further demonstrated its commitment to culture learning by selecting cross-cultural competence as the centerpiece of Air University's re-accreditation efforts.


In December 2007, the Center was made responsible for culture and language training, as well as education, across the entire Air Force. In October 2009, the Air Force Senior Language Authority directed AFCLC to initiate the Language Enabled Airman Program, a career-spanning program to develop a cadre of Airmen across all specialties with working-level foreign language proficiency.


AFCLC's efforts are guided by Air Force Policy Directive 36-40 and Air Force Instruction 36-4001 (pending), as well as numerous Joint guidance documents.



The Air Force Culture and Language Center, as the acknowledged experts, will lead the U.S. Air Force in building a cross-culturally competent Total Force to meet the demands of the Service's dynamic global mission.


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Last Updated: September 21, 2018