Quality Enhancement Plan

A Quality Enhancement Plan is a carefully designed course of action to address a university's educational needs. It entails thorough institutional assessment, selection of one topic to improve student learning, and establishment of measurable objectives. A QEP builds the university's capacity to meet these objectives and builds the involvement of broad constituencies to sustain it. A QEP is required for any post-secondary institution seeking re-affirmation of accreditation by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), the regional accrediting body for Air University. Failure to develop or implement an acceptable QEP can result in loss of accreditation. A QEP transforms the accreditation process into an on-going activity that promotes educational improvement, intellectual innovation and institutional change.




In 2007, AU chose "Cross-Culturally Competent Airmen" as the focus of its QEP. From 2009 to 2014, AU's QEP developed cross-culturally competent Airmen across professional military education. 3C has been identified as an urgent institutional requirement for AU using a variety of techniques and sources. AU's QEP emphasized a 'culture-general' approach that distinguished cultural from regional and foreign language learning, focusing primarily on the former. USAF defines 3C as: "The ability to quickly and accurately comprehend, then appropriately and effectively act in a culturally-complex environment to achieve the desired effect."


AU's QEP developed 3C by infusing cross-cultural knowledge (focusing on concepts, theories and methods), skills (particularly communication, negotiation and inter-personal relations) and attitudes (like flexibility, adaptability and willingness to engage) and the ability to apply learning in novel contexts (educational and operational). Instruction occurred across the entire curriculum, distance and residential learning, enlisted and officer schools. AU's QEP assessed student learning using a variety of qualitative and quantitative approaches, and was supported by faculty/staff development as well as robust learning resources.


Plan & External Review


AU submitted its QEP to SACS and underwent an on-site review in 2009. The final version of the Plan and Committee's report are posted here:

Annual Reviews


From 2009-2014, AU monitored implementation of the QEP through an annual Educational Program Review. These presentations are available here:

Impact Report

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